Elite Ape Entry Coins NFTs

Elite Ape Entry Coins NFT Overview

Project Information

Elite Ape Entry Coins were a free-to-claim token based on Pixel Vault holdings as of December 28, 2021. Holders with any of the following were able to claim 3 tokens: MetaHero Planet DAO set, Pixel Vault Genesis set, Special Edition Punks Comic #1, and a MetaHero Core Identity. Holders of a Founder's DAO NFT or a Bored Ape Yacht Club were able to claim 2 tokens. To be eligible for 1 token required any of the following: Punks Comic #1, Punks Comic #2, Mintpass, any MetaHero planet, any MetaHero Generative Identity, or a Mutant Ape Yacht Club. The Elite Ape Token makes holders eligible to purchase an Elite Ape Collector's Edition of PUNKS Comic #2 for 0.10 ETH but they will burn the Elite Ape Token at the time of purchase. The team has stated that there will be future utility to the Elite Ape Token moving forward so holders do not have to burn the token immediately to make sure it brings value to them.