Damien Hirst: The Empresses NFTs

Damien Hirst: The Empresses NFT Overview

Project Information

The Empresses by Damien Hirst (@hirst_official), is a series of five prints depicting carefully composed images of butterflies, published by HENI Editions.

The prints were available to purchase on HENI from January 28, 2022, until February 4, 2022, where the final number of editions produced was limited by demand during this time period.

The Empresses prints are constructed from images of red butterfly wings, which are intricately arranged with a filigree of red glitter to produce kaleidoscope-like effects.

The prints are named after five influential female rulers: Wu Zetian, Nūr Jahān, Theodora, Suiko, and Taytu Betul.

The characters and stories of the rulers are enhanced by the dominant red tone of the Empresses, which represents themes such as life, war, power, anger, love, joy, and luck.