End of Sartoshi NFTs

End of Sartoshi NFT Overview

Project Information

The End of Sartoshi is an open edition mint of the last artwork of sartoshi, the mfers artist and founder. The mint ended with a total of 16,996 mints on 6/9/2022.

Sartoshi used his iconic "mfer" in memes on Twitter long before he introduced the Mfers generative collection. The idea came to him when he made his profile picture the iconic "mfer" character with an orange background and began to wonder "what if we all have a mfer inside of us?" Like mfers, End of Sartoshi is a CC0 project, meaning "no copyright reserved"and are essentially public domain to be used by any person or entity in any way that they see fit. 

End of Sartoshi is the companion piece to ‘gm mfers’, which was minted on foundation on 9/6/2021 and became part of the inspiration for the mfers project. Sartoshi deleted his Twitter to vanish forever during the mint as he stated he would do. The mint also followed the announcement that the mfers smart contract was being transferred to the mfers community via the unofficial mfers multi-sig wallet, which received the largest share (50%) of the mfers creator royalty going forward for the community to do whatever it wants.