Exclusive NFT Drop for End of Sartoshi Holders

Exclusive NFT Drop for End of Sartoshi Holders
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Registration is now open for all End of Sartoshi (EOS Pass) holders to be eligible for the next Life Death & Cryptoart artwork by @pixelord.

The Deets

  • Artist: @pixelord
  • Supply: 300 NFTs
  • Mint price: FREE
  • Mint date: Friday, Apr. 7, 2023

The Details

This marks the third drop in the Life Death & Cryptoart series, following works from Patrick Amadon and Pop Wonder. The limited supply of 300 NFTs ensures exclusivity, with one NFT reserved for the artist and another for the LDC Deployer. All royalties generated from the sale will go directly to the artist, supporting their creative work and contributions to the NFT community.

Why It Matters

This exclusive NFT drop highlights the growing trend of artists and platforms collaborating to create unique experiences and opportunities for collectors in the crypto and NFT ecosystems. Such events not only showcase the potential of digital art but also help to foster connections between artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. The first few drops have flown somewhat under the radar, but given the successful collaboration between EOS and Nakamigos, perhaps more are likely to participate in this week's PREMINT. 

🎬 Take Action: If you are an 'End of Sartoshi' (EOS Pass) holder, register for this exclusive NFT drop using this PREMINT. Remember, multiple tokens count as multiple entries, increasing your chances of being selected


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