EpoHeroes NFTs

EpoHeroes NFT Overview

Project Information

EpoHeroes are dynamic, user-generated virtual identities created using ART AI's text-to-hero generator and are game-ready for metaverse games.

The ART AI team has been working for more than two years to make AI-generated art more accessible and more mainstream. During the last two years, the team has worked on developing the algorithms and collecting the data underlying the AI.

EpoHeroes owners can animate their virtual identities using text or voice, making the EpoHeroes speak their messages. EpoHeroes stretch the limits of PFP projects by using AI to extend virtual identities and give them new power & utility that will be useful in many different contexts. Each EpoHero is 1/1 virtual identity designed by its creator. EpoHeroes will be upgradable, together with ART AI's generative technology, and could be renamed, re-modeled, accessorized, and animated. Each EpoHero also contains a set of classes & attributes for use in games. Holders will also be able to change their EpoHero including its name, look & bio for free + gas. After the launch of $EPO all of these might cost $EPO. The team at ART AI is working on technologies for the generation of 3D avatars. When ready minters who kept their EpoHero will get a free airdrop of a 3D avatar.