Project Information

ETH GOBBLERS is a collection of dynamic Tamagotchi-style NFTs created by Omakasea on the Ethereum blockchain. Omakasea is an NFT creator studio and launchpad that provides tools and services to creators to help launch NFT projects. ETH GOBBLERS was created to introduce a gamified model that incentivizes holders to continuously deposit funds to a contract over time to support creators after the initial minting stage. Each ETH GOBBLER NFT is known as a "Gooey", which is a dynamic creature that requires holder support to thrive. Holders must ensure that a Gooey's health bar remains above zero, otherwise, they run the risk of their Gooey dying and losing that NFT forever. As a Gooey remains healthy, holders are provided with awards over time. Holders can additionally choose to split a Gooey in two through a process known as "mitosis", which requires a cost that is proportional to the floor price and supply of the project.