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DeGods Initiates 'Downgrade' to Season III
Logan Hitchcock

DeGods introduced its Season III downgrade, unveiling a vibrant, nostalgic design palette for its users on Sunday. 

The Deets

  • New Design Approach: The downgrade adopts a "fun" aesthetic, moving away from previous "serious" designs.
  • Simplicity Focused: Reduced details to essentials, eliminating shadows and emphasizing select highlights.
  • Artistic Inspiration: Drawing from Roy Lichtenstein, Hiroshi Nagai, vintage comic illustrators
  • AI and Community Integration: Offering a tool in their Discord for holders to view the best trait combinations from AI testing.

The Bulk

DeGods initiated a significant shift in its design approach after an initial preview of the Season III art. While the initial plan was to maintain a more "serious" design, community feedback highlighted the innate playful spirit of DeGods. Thus, the team revamped the aesthetic to be more vibrant, reminiscent, and colorful.

The redesigned DeGods are intentionally flat, emphasizing the art of minimalism. Shadows are absent, with highlighted tones only applied to specific traits. This striking visual transformation draws inspiration from legendary artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Hiroshi Nagai, and vintage comic illustrators.

Additionally, in its commitment to community engagement and technological progression, DeGods conducted extensive AI testing on Midjourney prompts for every DeGod trait. The best outcomes from these tests have been compiled into a tool, which holders can access for free in the community Discord.

Female DeGods will be delayed to gather more input from the female community members. 

🎀 Community Quotes

We thought DeGods needed to be 'serious'. That was our mistake. DeGods are fun. So, we made them fun.DeGods

πŸ“Š By the Numbers

Dust Labs ecosystem token, $DUST, is $1.78 - down 1% in the last 24 hours and 28% over the last seven days. 

πŸ”œ What's Next?

With the introduction of the downgrade, DeGods is propelling into Season III and is expected to open the Points Parlor for all Season III DeGods later today. 

🎬 Take Action

For those interested in experiencing this vibrant shift, downgrading DeGods is now available. Only Season III DeGods can participate in the Points Parlor. Downgrading still costs 333 $DUST. 

DeGods Initiates 'Downgrade' to Season III
Frank Updates Future Plans in AMA Session
Bill Monighetti

@waleswoosh summarized a Discord AMA session held by Dust Labs founder Frank in an early morning Twitter thread that was later retweeted by the official y00ts Twitter account today.

❗ The Details

In the AMA, Frank hit on a number of upcoming initiatives within the Dust Labs ecosystem, most notably:

  • y00tpoints, the rewards program for y00ts holders, is one of the team's current priorities. Earned through staking a y00ts NFT, y00tpoints will soon be redeemable for rewards, which will "not be merch, but dope sh*t that no one expects," according to Frank.
  • y00ts will receive a forthcoming art upgrade, but the rumor that states holders will be able to purchase certain traits using y00tpoints is not true.
  • Operation MHL (which stands for Maximizing Holder Liquidity) is another focus for the project. Frank plans to provide y00ts holders with access to "top tier tools and individuals in web3 who will educate and enable them to make a bag in the space."
  • To help solve for the low liquidity in the Polygon NFT ecosystem, Frank mentions that "several team are working on solutions" that will soon enable y00ts to be purchased with mainnet ETH.

πŸ”œ What's Next?

The above items are all expected to happen in Q2, and Frank expects June in particular to be a big month for the team.

🎀Founder Feedback

"We gonna be the #1 and #2 projects in the f*cking world" - Frank

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Frank Updates Future Plans in AMA Session