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Sharp Wallets Are Dumping Etherjump
Jason Bales

Etherjump, a build-your-own-adventure web3 gaming platform, launched its launch its fully-functional interface last week, but the response from sharp wallets has been poor.

Sharp wallets are defined as all crypto wallets that have profitted 50 or more ETH in at least 50 total transactions.

In the last 24 hours, more than 100 unique sharp wallets dumped an Etherjump NFT, according to Lucky Trader's Sharp Report.

In that same time span, Etherjump is up 14 percent in total volume and has maintained a floor price of 0.07 ETH per plot NFT, according to Lucky Trader's Project Rankings.

Despite sharp wallets abandoning the project, Etherjump has received praise on social media for its expanding and unique 2D games. The games are created by the project's plot owners and community. 

"Less than a week after launch, the passion and creativity of our community is already unparalleled," the Etherjump team tweeted yesterday. "Even as our team continuously builds, our community is building alongside us."

Whether or not Etherjump can convince those sharp wallets to return to its project is a question for another day. 

Sharp Wallets Are Dumping Etherjump