Ethernal Elves NFTs

Ethernal Elves NFT Overview

Project Information

Ethernal Elves is a unique collection of 6,666 Sentinels that live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ethernal Elves is fully on-chain, meaning there is no secondary storage system and will exist as long as the Ethereum blockchain is operational.

The project contains NFT, RPG, and play-to-earn (p2e) gaming formats that includes a unique token system called MIREN ($REN).

Sentinels are the Army/Warriors that support Genesis. They currently campaign (staking) to retrieve their valuables and release (minting) additional Sentinels.

When a Creature is slayed, it leaves behind MIREN ($REN), the bloodline of the Ethernal Elves, and sometimes, they find hidden weapons.

Elders are the Genesis collection and are currently under a Spell casted by the Unknown. Elders are waiting to be released (minted) by using a combination of MIREN ($REN) and another secret trait. 

Druids, Rangers, and Assassins make up the four classes of Sentinels, and there are four different races per class with varying traits and attack/health points.

Weapons and special items found during campain (staking) increase total attack/health points, effecting total cooldown time.