Etholvants NFTs

Etholvants NFT Overview

Project Information

Etholvants are 10,000 on-chain, generative ERC-721 tokens, born with 24 cells that can evolve by either staking or combining.

If you stake an Etholvant into the contract, it will grow by 2 cells in every 4 hours. So if you stake one with 24 cells, after one day it will have 36 cells.

If you combine multiple Etholvants, they will be burned and a new one will be created. Its number of cells will be equal to the sum of the number of cells of the burnt ones. So if you combine two Etholvants with 24 cells and 40 cells, you’ll get one with 64 cells.

Combining and staking are free (only gas fees) and unstaking has a fee of 0.01 ETH per transaction (you can unstake multiple tokens in each transaction). The size of the art will also increase as the Etholvant evolves.