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EulerBeats Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

EulerBeats is a collection of generative music NFTs. EulerBeats Genesis is a first-of-its-kind, limited edition, algorithmically generated art + music based on the Euler number and Euler’s totient function Phi. is the creator of EulerBeats, a ConsenSys backed company incorporated in 2016 and one of the early leaders in the blockchain space.

For the first project, the team decided to build a bonding curve based on Euler's number (mathematical constant) and the totient function(ɸ) to celebrate the mathematician's work. Genesis (27 NFTs) and Enigma (27 NFTs) are two sides of the Euler Record. Both releases share a common mathematical basis but differ in art, music, and bonding curve structures. Both EulerBeats Genesis and Enigma originals are ultra scarce NFTs and are capped at 27. The token seeds were generated on-chain at the time of creation.

Futura is the third EulerBeats NFT drop. It follows on from the tradition of the first two EulerBeats sets - Genesis and Enigma - by maintaining a novel generative music + art approach at its core, and adding a fresh collection to the EulerBeats brand.