Everyday Goddesses NFTs

Everyday Goddesses NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 2,222 Everyday Goddesses NFTs. Everyday Goddesses are a collection on the Ethereum blockchain aimed at growing female influence in the NFT space, spreading blockchain knowledge, and empowering creatives.

Everyday Goddesses was co-founded by Maria a leading producer in the world of luxury brands and Luka, with experience as a digital marketer, UX, and developer. Vidaya is Everyday Goddesses 3D artist who plays on cultural and gender themes to raise awareness of womens rights and representation. Vidya previously worked on Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon, Frozen II, and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Each Goddess is a pass to the Shiny ecosystem, granting access to exclusive airdrops and companion NFTs. Goddesses will be integrated into Shiny’s tokenomics system. They will claim a utility token used to mint certain future NFT collections, access allow-lists, exclusive Discord perks, and more. Everyday Goddesses are also guaranteed allocation in future collections in the Shiny ecosystem, including launchpad projects and serve as a pass to meetups and networking events.