EY3K0N NFT Overview

Project Information

EY3K0N is a collection of 10,000 genesis NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain with the goal to create an immersive storytelling platform for the metaverse generation.

The EY3K0N team has 12 people with impressive backgrounds. Adam Pollina is the artistic director and character designer with a background in visual storytelling with DC, Marvel, Disney, and many more. Other team members include backgrounds and accomplishments such as their Emmy award-winning lead writer Sean Stewart or Virgin creative director and EY3K0N CCO, Jesse McMillin.

The EY3K0N roadmap includes "S0N1C SOUNDS RADIO", an in-world audio experience. The EY3K0N GAME is in design and where the team is bringing together some of the world's top creative minds to reimagine the future of immersive storytelling. Additionally, holders can expect exclusive access to original comics, one-of-a-kind artist originals, and other limited edition content.