Ezu Announces Post Mint Snapshot

Ezu Announces Post Mint Snapshot
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Ezu, an NFT collection from Voltura, the founder of Psychedelics Anonymous, announced it would be taking a snapshot of its minters following the conclusion of its public sale in a recent tweet.

While it is currently unknown what the snapshot is for, Voltura in response to the snapshot said "I know the market is tough. But so help me people who support us through this today we will do our best to reward." Potentially hinting at future perks for those who minted Ezu.

The public sale for the collection is currently live and ongoing on Magic Eden for the retail price of 0.20 ETH or the equivalent in Solana. Minters are eligible to mint two NFTs per wallet.

Ezu is "the first-ever cross-chain mintable Ethereum NFT collection to launch on Magic Eden's Launchpad" and has currently sold 45 percent of its NFTs allotted for its public sale.

The project is currently trading just below its mint price of 0.20 ETH price on the secondary market at 0.189 ETH according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings page.

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