Factura by Mathias Isaksen NFTs

Factura by Mathias Isaksen NFT Overview

Project Information

Factura is a collection of 999 generative art NFTs created by Mathias Isaksan, aka @st4yhome_art, on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection launched on July 16, 2022, on gm.studio, a generative art platform created by the gmDAO. To understand how Factura was created, we must first look back on Mathias' entry into generative art, which began in July 2020. When he first began with creative coding, he explored the process of cutting shapes and producing smaller shapes. He soon tabled that idea and began exploring 3D rendering, which lead to the early creations of Factura. In perfecting Factura, Mathias focused on balancing the opposing qualities of monolithic and minute, and structure and disorder within each NFT.