Fancy Bears Metaverse NFTs

Fancy Bears Metaverse NFT Overview

Project Information

The Fancy Bears Metaverse is an exclusive club where members will have the opportunity to meet and hang out with various celebrities and influencers. Featuring 8,888 bear avatar NFTs, the Fancy Bears team reserved 500 to ensure they would have a team of celebrities, athletes, and other influencers to be a part of their community. 

Future plans for the project include setting aside 30% of all royalties for a lottery reward fund. This fund will be used for giveaways and raffles such as a Ferrari or Yacht at the Fancy Bears Annual Party, commencing in March 2022. Additionally, the company has its own 3D scanning technology that will be used to allow owners to scan their NFT and use it to enter the Metaverse club on the project's Metaverse land.