Feet and Eyes Guys NFTs

Feet and Eyes Guys NFT Overview

Project Information

Feet and Eyes Guys is a collection of 11,111 cartoon figures, consisting of only feet and eyes, living on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was founded by photographer @caitcronenberg with the art made by @sam_artypants and @artist_dasfrank. Feet and Eyes Guys launched with an old-school arcade game playable on their website with a game titled 'Jumpy Guy', which works similar to Frogger, and pays homage to the video games that were popular when the first iteration of Feet and Eyes Guys was actually drawn. Holders of Feet and Eyes Guys NFTs must play Jumpy Guy post-mint to reveal the traits of their NFT. Once a level of Jumpy Guy is completed, a new trait is revealed on the owners' Feet and Eyes Guy NFT.