Feline Fiendz NFTs

Feline Fiendz NFT Overview

Project Information

Feline Fiendz is a collection of 7,777 cartoon cats on the loose on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was co-founded by a team of five members; @bolivianjpeg, @buttercupnft, @chulo_chris_, @eclihpz, and @DuthaFather. Feline Fiendz is a community-focused NFT project that rewards holders. Feline Fiendz NFT holders are eligible for giveaways and have access to exclusive merchandise. The Feline Fiendz team will plan and schedule some real-life events for holders to attend and meet their Feline Fiendz peers. Feline Fiendz will also be collaborating with different artists in the NFT space to create art in order to reward holders with additional artwork.