FEWOCiOUS Announces Adidas Originals Collab

FEWOCiOUS Announces Adidas Originals Collab
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FEWOCiOUS announced a collaboration with Adidas Originals offering an NFT mint that can be redeemed for a physical sneaker.

The Deets

  • Limited-edition Trefoil Flower Mint Pass to be launched on June 22
  • Mint pass owners can later redeem an artist-designed adidas Originals Campus 00’s sneaker
  • Upon redemption, the Mint Pass converts to a digital twin of the sneaker, useable on avatar projects: FewoWorld Fewo’s & ALTS by adidas
  • The Mint Passes will be available for minting and purchasing exclusively on OpenSea, starting at 0.2 ETH

The Bulk

Adidas Originals and digital artist FEWOCiOUS are venturing into their first collaboration in the NFT space with the launch of the limited-edition Trefoil Flower Mint Pass. On June 22, a total of 4,500 of these passes will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis, exclusively on OpenSea.

Owners of this pass will be given an exclusive opportunity to redeem a physical pair of artist-designed adidas Originals Campus 00's sneaker at a later date. Upon redemption, the Mint Pass will be upgraded into a digital twin of the sneaker, which can be utilized within the upcoming avatar projects, FewoWorld Fewo’s and ALTS by adidas.

Moreover, holders of NFTs from selected collections such as ALTS by adidas NFT with DECOS ALT[er] Ego, ALTS by adidas NFT with SOLES ALT[er] Ego, and FEWOCiOUS x FewoWorld: Paint Drops will enjoy exclusive benefits during the presale window, including early access and a discounted mint price of 0.2 ETH.

There will also be two additional early access tiers, available exclusively to partner collections as well as a potential public sale should supply last. 

Redemption is slated to take place on August 23, with shipping expected on September 23. 

🎤Artist Quotes

This is truly a dream come true!! Some of my first ever times painting were on Adidas shoes when i was little so creating this Campus sneaker has been so surreal &🥺❤️ I can't wait for you to hold them and wear them!!! FEWOCiOUS

🔜 What's Next? 

Keep your eyes open for the launch of the Trefoil Flower Mint Pass on June 22. If you own an NFT from the selected collections, you will be able to take advantage of the early access and discounted mint price.

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