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FEWOCiOUS Announces Adidas Originals Collab
Logan Hitchcock

FEWOCiOUS announced a collaboration with Adidas Originals offering an NFT mint that can be redeemed for a physical sneaker.

The Deets

  • Limited-edition Trefoil Flower Mint Pass to be launched on June 22
  • Mint pass owners can later redeem an artist-designed adidas Originals Campus 00’s sneaker
  • Upon redemption, the Mint Pass converts to a digital twin of the sneaker, useable on avatar projects: FewoWorld Fewo’s & ALTS by adidas
  • The Mint Passes will be available for minting and purchasing exclusively on OpenSea, starting at 0.2 ETH

The Bulk

Adidas Originals and digital artist FEWOCiOUS are venturing into their first collaboration in the NFT space with the launch of the limited-edition Trefoil Flower Mint Pass. On June 22, a total of 4,500 of these passes will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis, exclusively on OpenSea.

Owners of this pass will be given an exclusive opportunity to redeem a physical pair of artist-designed adidas Originals Campus 00's sneaker at a later date. Upon redemption, the Mint Pass will be upgraded into a digital twin of the sneaker, which can be utilized within the upcoming avatar projects, FewoWorld Fewo’s and ALTS by adidas.

Moreover, holders of NFTs from selected collections such as ALTS by adidas NFT with DECOS ALT[er] Ego, ALTS by adidas NFT with SOLES ALT[er] Ego, and FEWOCiOUS x FewoWorld: Paint Drops will enjoy exclusive benefits during the presale window, including early access and a discounted mint price of 0.2 ETH.

There will also be two additional early access tiers, available exclusively to partner collections as well as a potential public sale should supply last. 

Redemption is slated to take place on August 23, with shipping expected on September 23. 

🎤Artist Quotes

This is truly a dream come true!! Some of my first ever times painting were on Adidas shoes when i was little so creating this Campus sneaker has been so surreal &🥺❤️ I can't wait for you to hold them and wear them!!! FEWOCiOUS

🔜 What's Next? 

Keep your eyes open for the launch of the Trefoil Flower Mint Pass on June 22. If you own an NFT from the selected collections, you will be able to take advantage of the early access and discounted mint price.

FEWOCiOUS Announces Adidas Originals Collab
Fewos Coming in August
Logan Hitchcock

FEWOCiOUS announced 20,000 unique creatures called Fewos, the PFP of FewoWorld, will debut in August.

The Deets

  • Fewos are the dwellers of FewoWorld, born from the cosmic explosion of Paint.
  • Each Fewo comes with its unique DNA and characteristics and comes in one of three species. 
  • Fewos can be acquired through three different channels - as a Paint Drop holder (free mint), as a FEWOCiOUS art holder (at a discounted price), or through a public sale.
  • All Fewos come with an individual ERC-6551 “backpack” wallet.

The Bulk

FEWOCiOUS is creating a new universe in FewoWorld with the introduction of 20,000 Fewos, each one a unique entity with characteristics born from the cosmic explosion of Paint...or FewoWorld Paint Drops.

Paint Drop holders will have the privilege of getting Fewos in the pre-sale, with a free mint. Additionally, FEWOCiOUS art holders can earn Fewos at a discount in the presale. The general public will have access to the public sale but no prices or times have been shared yet. 

Lastly, Fewos will each maintain an ERC-6551 “backpack” wallet. Post minting, these Fewos will be eligible to redeem flowers, used as mint passes to bloom into FewoFashion wearables and accessories.

❗Why It Matters

Further information about Fewos has been long anticipated and now holders have a firm expectation for the launch of the FEWOCiOUS PFP. The undertaking seems quite ambitious, which sometimes affects the reception of news in a market that is highly driven by speculation. However, early community response has been positive. 

📊 By the Numbers

FewoWorld Paint Drops are up more than 55 percent in the last week to 0.68 ETH. 

🎤Founder Feedback

ohhhyyy this is gonna be fun!toomuchlag

🔜 What's Next?

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and details about the Fewos release. Dates and ETH amounts for the presales and public sale are yet to be announced.


Fewos Coming in August
FEWOCiOUS Drops New FewoWorld Trailer
Staff Writer

FEWOCiOUS shared his latest FewoWorld trailer, Chapter 2: Humanoids, which depicts the anatomy of the Humanoids species of Fewo, the upcoming PFP of FewoWorld. 

❗Why It Matters

FewoWorld Paint holders have been anxiously awaiting the unfolding FewoWorld plot, as the one year anniversary of the Nifty Gateway Paint drops is rapidly approaching. FEWOCiOUS has stood by a 2023 drop for Fewos, the FewoWorld PFP, providing artist notes on progress in the last few weeks and this latest teaser as proof that progress is being made. Historically, NFT holders are not particularly forgiving for a lack of updates and progress, but we'll see if a "taste" of what's to come will be enough to satisfy the appetite of the crowd. 

📊 By the Numbers

FewoWorld Paint Drops are up 47 percent in the last 90 days and single quantity drops hold a floor price of 0.47 ETH. It is not yet known if one drop will be sufficient for a Fewo PFP, but in the case you want a two-count drop, you'll need to cough up 0.719 ETH at the time of writing. 

🎬 Take Action

Watch the second FewoWorld trailer

🧠 Learn More

FEWOCiOUS Drops New FewoWorld Trailer
FEWOCiOUS Provides FewoWorld Update
Logan Hitchcock

FEWOCiOUS finished all the base Fewo species and has started layering clothing on Fewos, according to an update in the artist's Discord community. 

❗Why It Matters

The one-year anniversary of the FewoWorld Paint NFT launch is rapidly approaching, but holders are still in the dark as to how their Paint may manifest Fewos, the PFP of FewoWorld. While those details remain outstanding, the artist remains adamant that Fewos are "coming soon" and that sometime in 2023, FewoWorld participants will be able to rock an official Fewo PFP. While a lack of clarity surrounding launch may be frustrating, Fewo's new and seemingly bi-weekly art updates at least provide a modicum of transparency on the progress of FewoWorld's an ambitious art experiement - something that wasn't present last year. 

The Deets

  • Humanoids will be the next species of Fewo to reveal. 
  • Trailers are being worked on to showcase the reveal. 
  • Base species are completed, final traits being worked on. 

📊 By the Numbers

Despite a slow reveal of FewoWorld's next steps, Paint Drop NFTs have been "relatively stable" during the last year, with a handful of spikes and volatile periods. The floor price is flat over the last 30 days, and down 5 percent in the last 90 days on OpenSea. It stands at 0.397 ETH at the time of writing.

🔜 What’s Next?

According to the announcement, the next step in the production process will be "generating mode." 

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FEWOCiOUS Provides FewoWorld Update
A Fewo Emerges
Logan Hitchcock

FEWOCiOUS dropped the first official trailer for FewoWorld and its accompanying PFPs - Fewos - in a tweet on Thursday

Why It Matters: The trailer marks important progress in the release and creation of FewoWorld and Fewos, the PFP that is built from FewoWorld Paint Drop NFTs. The expectation is that Paint Drop holders will be able to utilize their Paint Drops to create Fewos sometime in 2023. 

What Happens Next: FEWOCiOUS indicated that more formal details would be released in the next few months, but no formal dates have been provided. 

By The Numbers: Since FEWOCiOUS dropped a snippet of the now-released trailer, activity has picked up in the FewoWorld collections, led by gains in the FewoWorld Paint collection which has experienced 266 percent increase in volume traded and 67 percent increase in floor price over the last 30 days. 

Go Deeper: 

A Fewo Emerges
FEWOCiOUS Work to Be Auctioned at Christie's
Staff Writer

FEWOCiOUS first live-auctioned work — "Year 6, Age 19 - Growing Pains" — will be available for bid on Nov. 18 through Christie's. 

The winner of the auction receives a 1-of-1 NFT and a paired, framed painting of a work-in-progress artwork that is part of FEWOCiOUS' "Age 19" collection. The auction lot also includes 19 archival works that will be minted to the winner as NFTs and sent as physical prints. They will also come in a custom-made trunk. 

The winner will also get two rare custom characters for the upcoming FEWOS drop, which is part of FewoWorld.

FEWOCiOUS Work to Be Auctioned at Christie's
NFT Artist Roundup | FEWOCiOUS Reveals FewoWorld, NudeYogaGirl Generates New Top Sale
John Nannetti

As the NFT scene continues to hype 10,000-piece profile picture projects, various digital artists are diligently creating and growing in the NFT space. In this weekly recap, we'll break down some of the most notable NFT Artists and their upcoming works. This week we will be featuring a FEWOCiOUS, XCOPY, Pak and NudeYogaGirl.

FEWOCiOUS Reveals FewoWorld

19 year old NFT artist FEWOCiOUS has formally announced FewoWorld, his latest web3 experiment.

Hosted on Nifty Gateway, editions of Paint  Drop NFTs will go live on April 3 and will cost $500 for holders of previous FEWOCiOUS pieces and $1000 for non-holders.

In his first release since the fall of 2021, Victor will be embarking on a somewhat experimental drop for the Paint Drop NFT. The top 50 minters earn a Diamond Paint trophy NFT and one of 100 custom Fewo's (characters for FewoWorld) which are slated to drop later this year.  

For more information regarding the drop and how to access presale, read Lucky Trader's article outlining all the details here

XCOPY's Traitors' Redemption

XCOPY's "Traitors' Redemption" caused a frenzy last week during its open edition sale when 7,394 editions "Max Pain and Frens" were minted at 1 ETH.

The collection pulled in roughly $22M in 10 minutes, $2.2M a minute. With many collecting XCOPY for the first time, secondary markets were quick to respond trading upwards of 2.5K ETH since last week. 

XCOPY broke the community's expectations with the sheer size of the drop, thus propelling the legend of XCOPY to further heights.  

Pak's Metamorphosis II

Pak's most recent drop "Metamorphosis II" has left a bad taste in the mouths of collectors. Metamorphosis II sold out its 7,200 editions this Monday in less than 20 minutes but countless users experienced an "out-of-gas" error, leading to upwards of 2,000 ETH being burned through failed transactions. 

On Tuesday, March 29, Manifold, the company that executed the contract, announced it planned to airdropping NFTs to those who were among the top 430 highest out-of-gas errors. Along with refunding the other roughly 2,200 will be fully refunded lost ETH. 

For more information regarding the error and subsequent response read Lucky Trader's article here


NudeYogaGirl, a NFT photographer, broke her previous all-time high sale last week.

Her piece "Anonyma" was collected for 33.69 ETH or $101,232 from @artguy_eth last Tuesday. 

With 50K Twitter followers, NudeYogaGirl has begun to pick up steam with only three creations on SuperRare.

Leaning into the black and white action based style, her brand will be an interesting watch as it develops further into the space. 

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NFT Artist Roundup | FEWOCiOUS Reveals FewoWorld, NudeYogaGirl Generates New Top Sale
FewoWorld Q&A Recap | Clarifying Details for Upcoming FewoWorld Drop
Logan Hitchcock

FEWOCiOUS and team held a Q&A session in the FewoWorld Discord to help share details about the first FewoWorld NFT drop, Paint, slated for launch on April 3 on Nifty Gateway. 

To learn more about the Paint drop, read our detailed announcement. 

What Is FewoWorld?

The culmination of grand visions and dreams from a young age, FEWOCiOUS indicated it would be a "disservice to try and define FewoWorld." More or less, the project will be the home for all of Fewo's web3 experimentation, starting at least with three known drops - Paint, Canvas, and Fewos. 

It was clarified multiple times that FewoWorld does not have a set "roadmap," but instead Fewo would push the boundaries of art in the most artistic way possible. 

Art is the guide - not utility or finance. 

What Was the Process of Creating FewoWorld? 

Atoms make up our world and "Paint" makes up FewoWorld. 

When asked about the visions for FewoWorld and the building blocks, he commented, "If i want to make a big universe, how does it start? It starts with paint."

Paint Drop NFTs are just the start, and will play some role in affecting the future of FewoWorld, though details are sparse at present time. 

What are Paint Drop NFTs? 

Paint Drop NFTs, the building blocks of FewoWorld, are to be sold on April 3, 2022 via Nifty Gateway. 

The presale will start at noon ET and run until 3:00 p.m. ET. At that time, the public sale will be kickstarted and will run until Monday, April 4. 

Presale NFTs will be accessible to existing Fewo NFT holders (with the exception of ComplexCon) for $500. 

The general public can participate for $1,000. 

At the conclusion of the sale a special drawing will be held to grant 20 Paint Drop NFTs to five users. 

How Will the Paint Drop NFTs Be Received and Sold?

Paint Drop NFTs will be sold as one "NFT," despite the quantity purchased. Therefore, if you buy 10 Paint Drop NFTs, you will only receive one NFT that reflects that purchase of 10 NFTs. 

Unlike Murat Pak's Merge drop on Nifty Gateway, when selling these NFTs on the secondary market, they will not merge into the existing wallet. 

Therefore, it is possible to hold multiple Paint Drop NFTs assuming you have purchased additional quantities on the secondary market. 

How Can I Be Sure I'm Eligible for Presale? 

A Nifty Gateway representative confirmed that FEWOCiOUS NFTs can be held in a self-custodied wallet, though that wallet must be connected to Nifty Gateway in order to verify presale prices. 

Otherwise, holders have the opportunity to contact by noon ET on March 31 to verify their holdings for presale prices. 

How Does Paint Connect to Other FewoWorld Components? 

Little was shared about how Paint connects to the other known FewoWorld drops, like Canvas and Fewos, but FEWOCiOUS did confirm that there would be interconnectivity like Paint acting as a "power-up." 

No confirmation was given on whether or not holding Paint would guarantee any special access to Canvas or Fewos. 

For more on the event, view this Twitter thread where I detailed even more.

FewoWorld Q&A Recap | Clarifying Details for Upcoming FewoWorld Drop
FEWOCiOUS Announces FewoWorld | Here's What We Know
Logan Hitchcock

After dropping a cryptic tweet to welcome the new year, FEWOCiOUS finally unveiled some of the coming details on FewoWorld, the next major project from the 19-year old artist. 

In a tweet around 5:00 p.m. ET, FEWOCiOUS shared the latest in the first FewoWorld drops. 

What Is FewoWorld? 

FewoWorld is the latest web3 experiment from Victor Langlois, better known as FEWOCiOUS. 

The project is separated into three parts, Paint, Canvas, and Fewos. 

Each part will play a role in the build of FewoWorld. 

The first drop, Paint, will take place on Nifty Gateway starting on April 3 at noon ET. 

What Is FewoWorld's Paint Drop? 

Paint is the first of three assets integral for the building of FewoWorld. 

The first drop will take place starting on April 3, with a three hour window from noon to 3:00 p.m. ET for presale and a window from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET for the public. 

There is an unlimited supply of Paint NFTs, of which can be purchased for $500 and $1,000 for presale and public sale respectively. 

Regardless of the amount of Paint Drop NFTs purchased, a user will only receive one NFT with the number of Paint Drops indicated. For example, if you purchase three Paint Drop NFTs - you will receive a Paint Drop which represents those three NFTs. This is similar in nature to the Merge drop Murat Pak ran on Nifty Gateway at the end of 2021. 

The top 50 minters of Paint Drop NFTs will earn a Diamond Paint trophy NFT and one of 100 custom Fewo's (characters for FewoWorld) which are slated to drop later this year. 

Who Can Mint a FewoWorld Paint NFT? 

Anyone is able to mint a Paint NFT from FewoWorld's first drop, Paint. 

Previous holders of Fewo's can receive a presale discount ($500), but the mint is open to the public starting at $1,000 per Paint Drop NFT. 

All holders of previously created FEWOCiOUS x Nifty Gateway NFTs will be eligible for the presale.

If you hold a FEWOCiOUS NFT from outside the Nifty Gateway collections, you have until noon E.T. on March 31 to contact the Fewo team for a presale verification link at


Which FEWOCiOUS Collections Are Presale Eligible for FewoWorld? 

As noted above, any FEWOCiOUS piece is eligible for the presale price of $500 per paint. The only FEWOCiOUS collection that is not eligible is the ComplexCon x FEWOCiOUS collaboration (listed as number 4 here). 

The official FEWOCiOUS Discord lists the following collections inside the official links channel.

All listed floor prices are as of the time of writing. 

1. FEWOCiOUS Official

The collection holds 1,705 NFTs with a floor price of 3.2 ETH. 


The collection holds 909 NFTs with a floor price of 5.45 ETH.

3. Fabricated Fairytales Collaboration 

The collection holds 950 NFTs that were produced solely by Fewo. Pieces from this drop on NiftyGateway are stored inside the original FEWOCiOUS collection link on OpenSea (number 1). The floor price on OpenSea is 3.2 ETH and on NiftyGateway it is $10,000 at the time of writing. 

It cannot be confirmed yet, but if any piece from this collection (even those produced by Odious, Jonathan Wolfe, or Parot_ism) are eligible for allowlist spots, this would be the cheapest entry point into the FewoWorld allowlist. The floor for non-Fewo pieces from this collection on OpenSea is 1.05 ETH. 

4. FEWOCiOUS x ComplexCon***

The collection holds 386 NFTs with a floor price of 2.47 ETH. THIS COLLECTION IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PRESALE ACCESS. 

5. Fewo World Trophy

The collection holds 365 NFTs with a floor price of 3.9 ETH.

6. Fewo World Mini Charm 

The collection holds 45 NFTs with a floor price of 41 ETH. 

7. Growing Up I'm Scared

The collection holds 6 NFTs with a none listed, and a most recent sale of $250,000. 

8. Growing Up I'm Scared - Open Edition

The collection holds 460 NFTs with a floor price of $22,222.

9. Looking In the Mirror 

The collection holds 39 NFTs with a floor price of $98,000. 

10. NYC Skyline

The collection holds one unlisted NFT. 

11. Hello, i'm Victor FEWOCiOUS and This is My Life!

The collection holds 80 NFTs with a floor price of $77,500.

What Is the Cheapest FEWOCiOUS NFT?

The cheapest entry for a FEWOCiOUS NFT comes from an early 2021 drop on NiftyGateway built in collaboration with musical artist, Two Feet. 

The collection boasts two NFTs, City Hand and CryptoCaster and a floor price of 2.18 ETH at the time of writing. 

While this collection is not discoverable under FEWOCiOUS main collection link on OpenSea, it is included in the official links within the FEWOCiOUS Discord.

FEWOCiOUS Announces FewoWorld | Here's What We Know