NFT Artist Roundup | FEWOCiOUS Reveals FewoWorld, NudeYogaGirl Generates New Top Sale

NFT Artist Roundup | FEWOCiOUS Reveals FewoWorld, NudeYogaGirl Generates New Top Sale
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As the NFT scene continues to hype 10,000-piece profile picture projects, various digital artists are diligently creating and growing in the NFT space. In this weekly recap, we'll break down some of the most notable NFT Artists and their upcoming works. This week we will be featuring a FEWOCiOUS, XCOPY, Pak and NudeYogaGirl.

FEWOCiOUS Reveals FewoWorld

19 year old NFT artist FEWOCiOUS has formally announced FewoWorld, his latest web3 experiment.

Hosted on Nifty Gateway, editions of Paint  Drop NFTs will go live on April 3 and will cost $500 for holders of previous FEWOCiOUS pieces and $1000 for non-holders.

In his first release since the fall of 2021, Victor will be embarking on a somewhat experimental drop for the Paint Drop NFT. The top 50 minters earn a Diamond Paint trophy NFT and one of 100 custom Fewo's (characters for FewoWorld) which are slated to drop later this year.  

For more information regarding the drop and how to access presale, read Lucky Trader's article outlining all the details here

XCOPY's Traitors' Redemption

XCOPY's "Traitors' Redemption" caused a frenzy last week during its open edition sale when 7,394 editions "Max Pain and Frens" were minted at 1 ETH.

The collection pulled in roughly $22M in 10 minutes, $2.2M a minute. With many collecting XCOPY for the first time, secondary markets were quick to respond trading upwards of 2.5K ETH since last week. 

XCOPY broke the community's expectations with the sheer size of the drop, thus propelling the legend of XCOPY to further heights.  

Pak's Metamorphosis II

Pak's most recent drop "Metamorphosis II" has left a bad taste in the mouths of collectors. Metamorphosis II sold out its 7,200 editions this Monday in less than 20 minutes but countless users experienced an "out-of-gas" error, leading to upwards of 2,000 ETH being burned through failed transactions. 

On Tuesday, March 29, Manifold, the company that executed the contract, announced it planned to airdropping NFTs to those who were among the top 430 highest out-of-gas errors. Along with refunding the other roughly 2,200 will be fully refunded lost ETH. 

For more information regarding the error and subsequent response read Lucky Trader's article here


NudeYogaGirl, a NFT photographer, broke her previous all-time high sale last week.

Her piece "Anonyma" was collected for 33.69 ETH or $101,232 from @artguy_eth last Tuesday. 

With 50K Twitter followers, NudeYogaGirl has begun to pick up steam with only three creations on SuperRare.

Leaning into the black and white action based style, her brand will be an interesting watch as it develops further into the space. 

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