FewoWorld Q&A Recap | Clarifying Details for Upcoming FewoWorld Drop

FewoWorld Q&A Recap | Clarifying Details for Upcoming FewoWorld Drop
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FEWOCiOUS and team held a Q&A session in the FewoWorld Discord to help share details about the first FewoWorld NFT drop, Paint, slated for launch on April 3 on Nifty Gateway. 

To learn more about the Paint drop, read our detailed announcement. 

What Is FewoWorld?

The culmination of grand visions and dreams from a young age, FEWOCiOUS indicated it would be a "disservice to try and define FewoWorld." More or less, the project will be the home for all of Fewo's web3 experimentation, starting at least with three known drops - Paint, Canvas, and Fewos. 

It was clarified multiple times that FewoWorld does not have a set "roadmap," but instead Fewo would push the boundaries of art in the most artistic way possible. 

Art is the guide - not utility or finance. 

What Was the Process of Creating FewoWorld? 

Atoms make up our world and "Paint" makes up FewoWorld. 

When asked about the visions for FewoWorld and the building blocks, he commented, "If i want to make a big universe, how does it start? It starts with paint."

Paint Drop NFTs are just the start, and will play some role in affecting the future of FewoWorld, though details are sparse at present time. 

What are Paint Drop NFTs? 

Paint Drop NFTs, the building blocks of FewoWorld, are to be sold on April 3, 2022 via Nifty Gateway. 

The presale will start at noon ET and run until 3:00 p.m. ET. At that time, the public sale will be kickstarted and will run until Monday, April 4. 

Presale NFTs will be accessible to existing Fewo NFT holders (with the exception of ComplexCon) for $500. 

The general public can participate for $1,000. 

At the conclusion of the sale a special drawing will be held to grant 20 Paint Drop NFTs to five users. 

How Will the Paint Drop NFTs Be Received and Sold?

Paint Drop NFTs will be sold as one "NFT," despite the quantity purchased. Therefore, if you buy 10 Paint Drop NFTs, you will only receive one NFT that reflects that purchase of 10 NFTs. 

Unlike Murat Pak's Merge drop on Nifty Gateway, when selling these NFTs on the secondary market, they will not merge into the existing wallet. 

Therefore, it is possible to hold multiple Paint Drop NFTs assuming you have purchased additional quantities on the secondary market. 

How Can I Be Sure I'm Eligible for Presale? 

A Nifty Gateway representative confirmed that FEWOCiOUS NFTs can be held in a self-custodied wallet, though that wallet must be connected to Nifty Gateway in order to verify presale prices. 

Otherwise, holders have the opportunity to contact team@fewocious.com by noon ET on March 31 to verify their holdings for presale prices. 

How Does Paint Connect to Other FewoWorld Components? 

Little was shared about how Paint connects to the other known FewoWorld drops, like Canvas and Fewos, but FEWOCiOUS did confirm that there would be interconnectivity like Paint acting as a "power-up." 

No confirmation was given on whether or not holding Paint would guarantee any special access to Canvas or Fewos. 

For more on the event, view this Twitter thread where I detailed even more.

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