FEWOCiOUS Drops New FewoWorld Trailer

FEWOCiOUS Drops New FewoWorld Trailer
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FEWOCiOUS shared his latest FewoWorld trailer, Chapter 2: Humanoids, which depicts the anatomy of the Humanoids species of Fewo, the upcoming PFP of FewoWorld. 

❗Why It Matters

FewoWorld Paint holders have been anxiously awaiting the unfolding FewoWorld plot, as the one year anniversary of the Nifty Gateway Paint drops is rapidly approaching. FEWOCiOUS has stood by a 2023 drop for Fewos, the FewoWorld PFP, providing artist notes on progress in the last few weeks and this latest teaser as proof that progress is being made. Historically, NFT holders are not particularly forgiving for a lack of updates and progress, but we'll see if a "taste" of what's to come will be enough to satisfy the appetite of the crowd. 

📊 By the Numbers

FewoWorld Paint Drops are up 47 percent in the last 90 days and single quantity drops hold a floor price of 0.47 ETH. It is not yet known if one drop will be sufficient for a Fewo PFP, but in the case you want a two-count drop, you'll need to cough up 0.719 ETH at the time of writing. 

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