A Fewo Emerges

A Fewo Emerges
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FEWOCiOUS dropped the first official trailer for FewoWorld and its accompanying PFPs - Fewos - in a tweet on Thursday

Why It Matters: The trailer marks important progress in the release and creation of FewoWorld and Fewos, the PFP that is built from FewoWorld Paint Drop NFTs. The expectation is that Paint Drop holders will be able to utilize their Paint Drops to create Fewos sometime in 2023. 

What Happens Next: FEWOCiOUS indicated that more formal details would be released in the next few months, but no formal dates have been provided. 

By The Numbers: Since FEWOCiOUS dropped a snippet of the now-released trailer, activity has picked up in the FewoWorld collections, led by gains in the FewoWorld Paint collection which has experienced 266 percent increase in volume traded and 67 percent increase in floor price over the last 30 days. 

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