Finiliar Provides Project Roadmap Updates

Finiliar Provides Project Roadmap Updates
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Finiliar released a blog on Monday, detailing a wealth of updates for the project — including the launch of animations, a new website, metaverse integrations, and more. 

The 10,000 NFT collection is designed to update emotions based on ties to specific cryptocurrencies — and the oracle connectivity powering the dynamic animations is launching next week, according to the blog: 

"For example, if you own a Daily Ethereum finiliar, the smart contract will constantly compare the price of ETH at that moment with the price of ETH one day ago, and your finiliar will jump for joy or bury its head in sadness depending on the difference."

A new website will also go live shortly after animations, with a 'custom-built discovery experience where you can watch your finiliar emote in real time'. A mobile app is also slated to launch within the next two months. 

Longer-term roadmap items include 3D finiliar models for Metaverse use and new physical figurines. 

The floor price of Finiliars sits at 0.37 ETH, up 9 percent over the last 24 hours.

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