Floor App Gen 3 NFTs

Floor App Gen 3 NFT Overview

Project Information

Floor App Gen 3 is 2,808 limited edition Generation III tokens that provide access to the token-locked community, and TestFlight app beta (iOS only) of the Floor NFTs app. TestFlight App Access, Community membership to help shape the future of the Floor app, and 1 entry into each partnership WL raffle & mint opportunity are all utilities for token holders.

The project was founded by Chris Madden with the team also consisting of a head of design, partnership lead, engineers, and leads in operations and community.

Floor has released three generations of access tokens, which has created $millions of opportunities for users. The access helps users find and see which collections are good buys. They can also Pair Live mode with Estimated Value to spot the biggest opportunities for returns. Estimated Value takes the guesswork out of the process of knowing when to sell an NFT and ensures that one is setting a competitive price.