Flyfish Club NFTs

Flyfish Club NFT Overview

Project Information

Flyfish Club (FFC) is the first member's only private dining club created by VCR group where membership is purchased on the blockchain as a an NFT. 

The company was created by VCR Group founded most notably by Gary Vaynerchuk, along with David Rodolitz, Josh Capon, and Conor Hanlon as well. VCR group is a team of passionate operators behind several celebrated culinary concepts and say they will provide unmatched hospitality in a uniquely curated environment.

FlyFish Club token holders gain access to VCR group's restaurant and various culinary, cultural, and social experiences. FFC members will have unlimited access to a private dining room that will span across 10,000+ square feet in an iconic, New York City location. The space will consist of a bustling cocktail lounge, upscale restaurant, intimate omakase room, and an outdoor space. 


Private Sale - December 15th, 2021

Discord Launch - January 3rd, 2022

Public Sale - January 11th, 2022