Freaks N' Guilds - OnChain NFTs

Freaks N' Guilds - OnChain NFT Overview

Project Information

Freaks N' Guilds is a play-to-earn blockchain gaming universe that focuses on collaborative and competitive gameplay to reward it's community and players.

The project first launched the Celestial Key NFT on February 4, 2022. The Celestial Key gives holders special perks for being one of the first Citizens of Uruhan, the main land within the game. 

The Freaks N' Guilds on-chain game, is the beginning of the playable FnG Universe. The on-chain game is used as the infrastructure for the future version of the game which will be a full-featured desktop game.

In Freaks N’ Guilds On-Chain, players use three main assets (Celestials, Freaks, Freak Bux) to gain power in Uruhan. Celestials and Freaks can be staked in Hunting and Battling locations to generate Freak Bux ($FBX). Hunting is the basic way to stake, while Battling is the lucrative but risky strategy.

$FBX can be spent within the ecosystem to mint additional Celestials and Freaks and upgrade their attributes to increase their staking earning potential.