Project Information

FOMO MOFOS is a collection of 8,008 cartoon-themed avatar NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain by artist Jasper Wong.

After the sellout, the team loaded up the community wallet, known as the "FOMILY FUND," with 200 ETH from the primary sale and will continue to add to it with 40 percent of the royalties from secondary sales. These funds will be used to fund future endeavors of the project that the community will help decide on.

LIL FOMIES, companions of the FOMO MOFOS, have been announced.

The team has also stated that they will be developing the FOMOVERSE, which is an NFT world where certified holders will go to compete in monthly scavenger hunts and mini-games.

Jasper, the artist behind the project, said that if the community desires it, he will be hosting art classes to show holders how to become sufficient in Adobe to pursue their own artistic endeavors.

One of the main goals of the project is to network their brand to add value to the project as well as to expand the FOMIE Family.