Football Critter NFTs

Football Critter NFT Overview

Project Information

Footballcritter is a collection of 6,400 football-inspired critters on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each critter wears a ‘kit’ that corresponds to the data for an existing nft project. Each critter minted has 3 components baked into it - an animal, a position, and the ‘team’ it plays for. A team represents project data for one of the following NFT projects: Doodles, Coolman’s Universe, BAYC, alien frens, Cryptoon Goonz, Veefriends, Deadfellaz, Wonderpals, mfers, Azuki, CryptoRayRays, Supducks, Cool Cats, smilesss, 3landers, adam bomb squad, loser club, Dippies, World of Women, Moon Birds. Each week the data from these other projects dictate the score of your critter (fantasy football  fantasy nft).