Forgotten Runes Ponies NFTs

Forgotten Runes Ponies NFT Overview

Project Information

Forgotten Runes Ponies is a collection of 567 pony NFTs in the Forgotten Runiverse that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Pony NFT was free (plus gas) to any holder who received a "merch box" or Wizard (or Soul) that had created content for the "Book of Lore."  

Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult is collection of 10,000 wizard NFTs that are fully on-chain.

The World of Forgotten Runes is community-driven. The "cult" contributes to the input and production of art, animation, stories, memes, and lore to social media and to the one-of-a-kind Book of Lore.

The Book of Lore stores and displays a wizard character's description and story, along with any other fan art that has been created.

The project was released on June 30, 2021.