Forgotten Runes Warriors NFTs

Forgotten Runes Warriors NFT Overview

Project Information

Forgotten Runes Warriors are a collection of 8,000 Warrior NFTs that will join the Wizards in the Runiverse as the team and community collaborate on building a decentralized world together. 

Forgotten Warriors will be playable in the upcoming Runiverse World MMORPG. They will also appear in the show the team is developing with Titmouse animation. Lastly, Forgotten Warriors will be metaverse-ready and receive a rigged, game-engine ready 3D Model which can be used in metas like Nifty Island and 2D Walkcycles which can be used in 2D metas like Worldwide Webb3. 

Warrior holders get commercial IP rights, exclusive airdrops, and access to the legendary Forgotten Runes alpha Discord channel. Warriors also get to participate in the collaborative legendarium: a decentralized storytelling and world-building experiment where the community comes together and creates in the tradition of Middle Earth, Hogwarts, or Westeros - but one in which the collective IP is owned by the token holders instead of a single entity.