Fortune Friends Club NFTs

Fortune Friends Club NFT Overview

Project Information

Fortune Friends Club is a collection of 8888 NFTs that celebrate Asian culture. Each NFT character is called a "Bao". A Bao is a Chinese word that means both "precious treasure" and "steamed dumpling". The creator of the project is @QueenBao_, who runs a Chinese cuisine Instagram page. Fortune Friends looks to recreate the excitement of opening the red envelope on Lunar New Year.

The project has planned a fund to support Asian creatives and projects, a Fortune Studio to launch projects which will be supplied with 100 ETH to help support these endeavors, as well as the FortuneDAO.

The team also has plans on integrating 3D Baos that can be used in the metaverse as well as global food meetups and events for holders. The team envisions holders participating in "bougie experiences" that allow them to eat at Michelin Star restaurants if holding a Fortune Friends Club NFT. Additionally, Fortune Friends Club will be starting the Fortune Games, which will begin with the NFT ecoystem's first community-owned charitable lottery.