Founder Bricks NFTs

Founder Bricks NFT Overview

Project Information

Founder Bricks is a 3D art collection containing 3000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, created by @BryanAppio

In addition to access to an elite club of collectors, founders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs, owners of a Founder Brick NFT are granted access to perks, such as private releases, airdrops, and more.

Through the staking platform, holders will be able to stake Founder Bricks and earn $BRICKS in exchange for contributing to the community and "locking up" their NFT in the vault.

To reward the project's early holders, each holder of a Founder Brick will get airdropped one free “Dead” Founder Brick, which is a 4k detailed skeleton version of the Founder Brick.

The project will be purchasing a virtual plot of land in the Metaverse to build the Founder House.