Framergence NFTs

Framergence NFT Overview

Project Information

Framergence is a generative NFT art experiment featuring 772 NFTs. The generative art consists of a shape (a line, a curved line, a circle, a star or a triangle) put together with a set of curated rules, like: "draw a line here and draw another copy of this pattern 3 pixels to the left" to create each NFT. 

The creator is an anonymous computer scientist from Brazil. He is a long time lover of fractals, programming languages and complex systems and has led product and design teams in several tech companies.

Framergence consists of rudimentary geometric shapes (primitives), which when combined and repeated can become astonishingly complex systems.

In particular, when they contain themselves, these simple primitives produce an intricacy that is hard to reproduce or explain, but easy to identify - called fractals. Fractals are patterns that repeat and contain themselves, like a circle that contains a circle that contains a circle, that contains a circle.

Some of the final shapes are delicate and some others collapse into themselves, are tortuous or just too chaotic. However, they have different properties than the sum of their parts. The artist calls this emergence.