Friendship Bracelets by Alexis Andre NFTs

Friendship Bracelets by Alexis Andre NFT Overview

Project Information

Friendship Bracelets is a collection of generative bracelet NFTs created by digital artist Alexis Andre, also known as MacTuitui, on the Ethereum blockchain. Alexis Andre worked with Art Blocks founder, Snowfro, on an idea he had to represent digital works in the physical world in the form of an ephemeral physical object. Snowfro was inspired by the work of artist Donald Judd, who frequently created artwork with material that could easily be found at any hardware store. From this inspiration, Snowfro developed the idea of generative friendship bracelets that would include instructions to make a bracelet with a small amount of embroidery floss. Created as a thank you to all supporters of Art Blocks, holders of any Art Blocks NFT at the time of a snapshot prior to mint were able to claim up to two Friendship Bracelet NFTs for free (plus gas).