fRiENDSiES NFT Overview

Project Information

Christie's and FriendsWithYou are auctioning 9 mint passes granting exclusive early access to the fRiENDSiES NFT character builder. Each lot will provide collectors, in sequential order, access to the NFT builder before it opens to the public. Once each of the 9 lucky collectors design and mint their personal fRiENDSiE, the artists will build and gift the collector with a 4' bronze sculpture of their own design. Design assets in the engine are available with varying rarities. The sooner you enter the builder, the greater the chance you can build the fRiENDSiE of your dreams.

The fRiENDSiES universe begins by generating your fRiENDSiES and will extend into the metaverse, real-life experiences & art installations, limited edition items and ultimately creating an AR AI companion that will help bring joy to its holder and their community. fRiENDSiES will be built in partnership with the community from the very beginning. Owning a fRiENDSiES will give you a voice as we evolve the brand in collaboration with the community through a soon-to-be-revealed community treasury, roadmap, and royalties program.