Frontyard Baseball NFTs

Frontyard Baseball NFT Overview

Project Information

Frontyard Baseball is a collection of 25,000 NFTs on the Polygon blockchain that will be minted in 5 groups of 5,000. Subsequent drops occur approximately one week after the previous drop sells out. Each drop will feature 1 of 5 mystery legendary players who are 1:1 and special in the Frontyard Universe. Leading up to each drop, it will be revealed who the next legendary player is you are competing for.

Each player will have certain traits for batting, pitching and fielding. The stats for each category range from 50-100, with each player initially assigned their stat points based on a tiered points pool. Each game will contain 18 players (9 each team) similar to a standard baseball game. There are three pitcher spots in each game and the game allows players to call dibs on these spots. Players will be able to enter one of their characters alongside 8 others in a simulated game. The right combination of traits will be the deciding factor of the game. The winning team is guaranteed their money back and the top three players on the team receive bonus payouts.

The Frontyard Baseball team wants the community and game to be a driver for opportunity in the real world. They will be donating $125,000 plus 50% of all royalties to an underprivileged youth sports charity of the community's choosing. A Tesla Model 3 will be given to one lucky holder upon the completion of the mint.