Fuzzy Felons NFTs

Fuzzy Felons NFT Overview

Project Information

Fuzzy Felons is an collection of 3,333 unique NFTs, rooted in childhood nostalgia but with an unmistakable adult edge.

The project was created by @colourbleed, an award-winning animation director who has worked for companies such as Dreamworks, Weta, and Skywalker Ranch. 

The Fuzzy Felons are the foundation for an episodic sketch comedy series. Holders can have their Felons cast in the show, earn royalties, and partake in weekly Vault Heights for prizes and earnings.

The project's plans include launching a Fuzzy Felons trailer, announcing the full lineup for the show, creating a web3 animation studio, and releasing the pilot episode of the show, featuring characters and storylines voted on by the community.