Fyat Lux NFTs

Fyat Lux NFT Overview

Project Information

Fyat Lux is an NFT project that bridges the physical and digital worlds.

The first drop consisted of 8,080 unique 3D Spark NFTs. These stylized characters can be used to generate profile pictures (pfp) and throughout the metaverse.

After all Sparks have been revealed, there will be a claim period for holders to order their physical card. Each card is embedded with a chip that uniquely tethers the card to its corresponding NFT. Owners can use their smart cards to view and interact with their Spark in augmented reality.

Fyat Lux allows NFT owners to engage with the story and the community online, in the metaverse, through realtime 3D characters and offline, in the physical world, through augmented reality and physical smart cards.

Sparks NFT holders will be able to unlock aspects of the story by meeting up in the real world.  Participants in large meetups may even get a chance to obtain event-specific NFTs for both owners and community supporters.

The various team members have previously worked for several notable companies sich as Google, Nintendo, Disney and Netflix.