Project Information

GEVOLs is a collection of 8888 disguises and form NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. 8888 GEVOLS will be created and minted, while 50 mints will be reserved from the sale and held for competitions and the team's memberships. Each GEVOL is randomly generated from over 150 traits and was sold at a mint price of .1 ETH. 

GEVOLs have some traits unlike other generative collections you may have seen before that create a “cherub”-like anti-hero character.

The EVOL Figurine is already being manufactured and will be available for purchase soon. The figure will be the first blockchain native character to be released as a toy with an NFT accompanying it.

In the near future there are plans to release the “Story of EVOLs” through varying forms such as 1/1 NFT artwork and physical book release. 

Additionally EVOL Couture will release quarterly merchandise drops with access prioritized to GEVOL and DEVOL holders.