Shinsei Galverse Official NFTs

Shinsei Galverse Official NFT Overview

Project Information

Shinsei Galverse is a collection of 8,888 Gals laser focused on becoming the first web3 NFT community to launch an anime. As a Galverse holder, one can help direct the development of the anime, character design, story, and more of the anime. The team will work alongside the community to pitch Shinsei Galverse to major studios and turn the Galverse anime into a reality.

The Galverse is made up of a 4 person team. The teams artistic visio is made with love by the 4 team leads Emi, Ayaka, Devin, & Jack.

The Galverse will have collaborations with well-known NFT artists and frequent airdrops for holders. The teams will start the first Web3 community-driven anime by working on a pilot that will allow the project to pitch Galverse to the big studios.