Gazers by Matt Kane NFTs

Gazers by Matt Kane NFT Overview

Project Information

Gazers is a unique collection of 1,000 pieces of art created by Matt Kane that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each Gazers piece has origins of the moon's phases and lunar calendar, starting with the assignment of a date from the past 20 years. Kane quotes, "On the surface, Gazers function as a lunar calendar, algorithmically synching closely with Moon phases in the sky, joining the blockchain with one of humanity's longest running lineages in art."  Gazers were coded to pace itself and speed up its frame rate over time, fractionally increasing over time to create a "generational experience of evolution."

Kane continues to quote, "With the passage of time, the thickness of the layered lines pulse and the direction a design moves will advance or rotate, changing our perception of color in the most subtle and optical of ways."  Every day at midnight, each layer and color receives new instructions on how to rise or shine over the next 24 hours.  Gazers are a living piece of artwork built to coincide with our physical living spaces.  

This project was hosted by Art Blocks.