GENE_SIS: The Girls of Armament NFTs

GENE_SIS: The Girls of Armament NFT Overview

Project Information

GENE_SIS is a collection of 10,000 female anime-inspired warriors living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each GENE_SIS NFT is referred to as a SENSHI, which means "a warrior" in Japanese. The collection is founded and created by artist @GHARLIERA1, who has previously worked on video games like Cyberpunk 2077, League of Legends, Final Fantasy, and more. Each GENE_SIS NFT represents one of six different classes of warriors: P.U.R.E, VyPER, FENRIR, YAKSHA, EMP:REAL, and NOX. 

One main promise of GHARLIERA is that GENE_SIS will over-deliver value to holders. Starting in the metaverse, GENE_SIS plans to develop into a real-world brand through different partnerships and avenues. GENE_SIS has partnered with KPOP label, Beautiful Noise, to create music and video content. Additionally, they have partnered with two different brands to create high-quality action figures for GENE_SIS NFT holders to purchase.