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Ghozali Everyday NFT Overview

Project Information

The Ghozali Everyday collection is 933 pictures that Indonesian man Ghozali Ghozalo took of himself standing in front of the computer everyday from 2017 – 2021 (18 – 22 years old).

Ghozali Ghozalo's main goal for the pictures was to create a Youtube video for his graduation, but when the opportunity to sell them as NFTs came, he gave it a shot. While the images are just selfies of Ghozali in front of his computer the collection of photos caught attention within the NFT community that loved the story. The collection really took off when MasterChef Indonesia star Arnold Poernomo promoted the collection to his over 5 million followers on social media. Then the meme collection was later shilled by @Barthazian and @Nate_Rivers amongst many other big names.