Ghxsts Snapshot Coming Tomorrow

Ghxsts Snapshot Coming Tomorrow
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Lunar Zxdiac holders will qualify to claim a Year of the Rabbit NFT, Ghxsts announced on Twitter.

The Fine Print: To be eligible for the piece, Lunar Zxdiac holders will need to hold their NFT through tomorrow's snapshot which will take place at 2:00 p.m. ET. Those holding will have a week to claim the Water Rabbit piece. 

Why it Matters: Ghxsts is one of the most popular art NFT projects from 2021, and the Zxdiacs subcollection only has 120 total Lunar Zxdiacs (12 animals, 30 of each), adding an element of exclusivity to the Year of Rabbit NFT. Holders who own a Lunar Zxdiac (or Astro Zxdiac) are in the Ghxsts Bronze tier, providing them exclusive access to the upcoming Elemxnts mint, as well as receiving monthly Plxnets edition rewards.

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