G.I. Toadz NFTs

G.I. Toadz NFT Overview

Project Information

G.I. Toadz is a collection of 6969 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. G.I. TOADZ: The Return of Colonel Floorbin is a community inspired sequel of The Original CrypToadz by Gremplin Collection.

Lead Artist PRguitarman is the original creator of Nyan Cat, a pillar in the NFT community and phenomenal Pixel Artist

The project is a community created sequel and continuation of the Cryptoadz story by a group of passionate internet frens who love the Toadz and the ecosystem it has formed. The teams wish is to bring the toadz CC0 far into the future and in turn bring all the toadz derivative communities together. There are several contributing artists that contribution pieces for the collection. G.I. Toadz is a vision to bring NFT collecting into a new era with future ideas and bridging gaps.