glitch crystal monsters by Alida Sun NFTs

glitch crystal monsters by Alida Sun NFT Overview

Project Information

Glitch Crystal Monsters is a collection of 1000 NFT artworks created by Alida Sun (@alidasun).

Alida Sun is an artist and intersectional futurist based in Berlin and New York. Her current practice focuses on assemblage, extended realities, and experimental humanities.

According to Alida, the artworks are a synthesis of over 777 days of generative artmaking, motion as survival, and coding as transformative ritual.

Sky gardens of trustless techno-leviathans crystallize, entangle, and play between dimensions online and AFK, generating new forms altogether.

Alida channels these speculative phenomena to highlight the fluid, transformative possibilities of structures perceived as rigid and immutable.

These formations also embody choreographic elements from a collaborative live coding dance performance.