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Don't Call Him a Rug Head: Milonakis Updates Goat Soup Community After Hiatus
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Goat Soup founder Andy Milonakis declared in a long Discord announcement Thursday night that the project isn’t a rug and apologized for being absent from the project for three months.

“Hey everyone I know there's a lot of hate for me and rightfully so, I am not trying to justify my actions but I will defend myself where things are wrong. Is it shitty to be absent from a series? Yes. Is it shitty not to have some community leaders in place to take care of stuff when I can't? Yes. Does it mean Goat Soup is a rug? No,” said Milonakis. 

The Goat Soup NFTs cost 0.08 ETH to mint on Dec. 1 back when ETH was around $4,600. A few hours after the 3,745-edition collection sold out, the Goat Soup contract transferred the final 160.8 ETH of the 291.5 ETH earned from the mint to a wallet seeded by Milonakis. Back then Milonakis recorded a video for the Goat Soup roadmap promising “IRL utility: parties, events, art shows, merchandise. I’m gonna get a lot of cool NFT stuff to airdrop to holders.”

“I don’t want to overpromise or anything, but this is not going to be some stagnant image that just sits in your OpenSea, this is going to be a living, breathing organism,” Milonakis said in the video.

On Thursday, he made his first post in the Discord since July 21. The floor price on the collection is now 0.03 ETH.

The project ran into a few roadblocks after Milonkais said he spent “countless hours” working on integrating with NFT Worlds only to have that project run into issues after Minecraft banned NFTs from its platform back in June. Milonakis said he’s been working on creating 3D Goat Soup voxels for the Sandbox metaverse since NFT Worlds fell through.

“As much as people are calling this a rug...Maybe they don't understand, as NFTs progress and web 3 develops further, just a few simple things need to happen to reignite it and get people's interest. I totally understand how I've lost the interest of a lot of people because of how this was run, especially over the last few months, but that doesn't mean it's dead or can't grow. I want to see it succeed and find ways to help future proof it,” Milonakis said. 

Milonakis also faced criticism regarding his months-long trip to Greece, where he was absent from the Goat Soup Discord except for his tweets which auto-generated in one of the channels.

“Another misconception is that ‘Oh he's spending all of our money on Greek vacations,’” Milonakis wrote. “These people don't do one second of research. For the last six years I've been a full-time travel streamer on Twitch. So instead of doing research, they just call it a luxury vacation. I got sick of the harassment, vicious comments and attacks out of left field from people even before I went dark for three months. A lot of people don't see a number get higher and they get vicious and mean.”

Don't Call Him a Rug Head: Milonakis Updates Goat Soup Community After Hiatus