Gold Hunt Game NFTs

Gold Hunt Game NFT Overview

Project Information

Gold Hunt Game is a game where Goldminers and Pirates compete for $GGOLD of Treasure Island. $GGOLD is a utility token that is used only within the Gold Hunt Game. Gold Hunt has a similar mechanic to Wolf Game, where Goldminers obtain $GGOLD honestly by mining, whereas Pirates team up and rob the $GGOLD to split amongst themselves. There are 10,000 Gen 0 NFTs with 9,000 being Goldminers and 1,000 being Pirates. After the first Gen 0 is minted out, 40,000 Gen 1 NFTs can be minted with $GGOLD. 

Staked Goldminers mine 10,000 $GGOLD per day. Each time a Goldminer send their profits to the Mainland (claim), they have to pay 20% fee to the Pirates. In addition to the 20% fee they receive, Pirates get the opportunity to steal $GGOLD when Goldminers decide to break an agreement and return to the Mainland (unstake). Furthermore, each Gen 1 minted has a 10% chance of being kidnapped at the time of mint by one of the Pirates. The maximum $GGOLD supply is 5 billion.